Kent Memorial Library has announced it has canceled its three longstanding summer fundraisers due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in lost net revenue of $120,000.

Its annual benefit, its outdoor book sale and its car raffle have been canceled.

“The board feels that holding its summer fundraising events would pose too many risks to our volunteers, attendees, staff and patrons, and with continually fluctuating state restrictions, it isn’t prudent to incur costs for events we may not be allowed to hold,” said Betty Ruddy, library board member.

“The uncertain state of the economy also means our other sources of revenue might be negatively affected,” she said.

Ruddy and Ned Babbitt, investment committee chairman, have responded to the news of the financial challenge by offering to match, dollar for dollar, any gift for operating expenses made between now and Sept. 1, up to a total of $60,000.

That means that each dollar donated is worth two to the library for a total of $120,000 if their match is met.

Those interested in contributing to the match can visit to make a donation or make a gift via check payable to the Kent Library Association and mailed to P.O. Box 127, Kent, CT 06757.

“The staff has shown incredible resilience and flexibility in working to meet the needs of our patrons and keeping them connected during this crisis,” said Library Director Sarah Marshall.

The library is now open for curbside pick-up and drop off and the staff.

The library also continues to offer its activities virtually, including a variety of programs and activities for both children and adults.

It has also significantly enhanced its streaming services for music, video, e-books, and audio books.