Marvelwood School in Kent has announced additional financial aid has been allocated for families who meet the criteria.

A few spots are still available for day and boarding students.

Earlier this year, the school announced that boarding tuition and fees for 2020-21 would remain the same as last year, and that day tuition would be reduced by 5 percent to $39,000.

“As we continue to navigate the uncertainty that coronavirus has brought to every aspect of our life, there is one fact that remains unchanged: our children need and deserve the best education possible,” school officials said.

This spring, teachers delivered the Marvelwood experience online.

“While nothing compares to the community atmosphere on campus, we have been able to successfully maintain the customized approach to learning that is the hallmark of a Marvelwood education,” officials said.

For more information, virtual tours, interviews and events in the coming months, or to apply, call 860-927-0047..