Gunn Memorial Library in Washington will present a program with independent film director David Ruchman, a native of Washington, Dec. 17 at 6:30 p.m.

The program will feature a screening and discussion of Ruchman's debut film, "Acquired Taste."

The film follows a young food critic who lives in a small town with no food options and his unlikely friendship with a brash, New York City master chef who arrives in his town.

"Acquired Taste" was filmed throughout Litchfield County and at several local well-known establishments, including Nine Main in New Preston, Litchfield Meat Locker and the Mayflower Inn in Washington.

Ruchman was partially inspired to make the film from his experiences as a young man looking for adventurous cuisine in Litchfield County and his lifelong passion for food.

Ruchman, a NYU Film School graduate, is a resident of Los Angeles. He has worked on such films as "Gone, Baby, Gone," "I Am Legend" and "Hairspray."

For more information and registration, call the Wykeham Road library at 860-868-7586.