To the Editor:

I am writing to show my support for the construction of all-weather fields at New Milford High School.

I coach lacrosse at the fourth- and fifth-grade levels and have witnessed the limitations of relying solely on grass fields.

First, the beginning of the season was delayed more than a week due to poor field conditions.

Second, this spring's poor weather forced the postponement of four games. In order to fit the rescheduled games into the school schedule, I had to book games on top of important events like religious events, graduations, weddings and school holidays.

Third, the lack of fields with predictable conditions limits fundraising opportunities for the league and town.

In May, my team hosted Greenwich, Ridgefield, Redding/Easton, Danbury, Watertown, Pomperaug and Brookfield for a lacrosse jamboree at John Pettibone School.

Our town was the only one without a turf field and we were lucky to have good weather for that weekend.

If soggy fields had forced the cancellation of this event, our major fundraising opportunity for the league would have been lost.

The money spent by the visiting families in town would have gone elsewhere.

Finally, when my team begins high school in four years, I want to see them playing to their full potential on fields similar to what their competitors have.

Rob Zapletal

New Milford