To the Editor:

Last week as I was finishing up some work at my home, a political candidate knocked on my door.

I took some time to talk with him, as he was eager to speak about how things were going for me and my family.

It was the first time any candidate had come to my home, and I was quite impressed with this fellow, Andrew Grossman.

Andy, who is running for election as our local state representative, made me feel as though he had all the time in the world for me. He was interested in what I see as the effects of some political decisions over the years and the methods of dealing with things today.

He also concurred that an important aspect of politics and governing is to promote positive work and policies that provide building toward a better community.

Andy shared some of his background, as well as his thoughts and feelings on the work in Hartford that would help our town.

Andy struck me as determined and hard-working and impressed me with already being familiar with many officials at the capitol.

I think our town would be well served in a ton of ways with Andy Grossman in the Connecticut General Assembly representing New Milford.

Dennis Wainwright

New Milford