To the Editor:

The well-meaning voters in Bridgewater and Roxbury have sadly voted to keep their outdated, little elementary schoolhouses for the time being, but they are just delaying the inevitable.

Bridgewater's Burnham School will begin its fall kindergarden class with just four children, who will now have to face the consequences of voters' provincialism.

The only recourse is for the state to step in and re-regionalize many of Connecticut's outdated public school districts.

Bridgewater and Roxbury can join with Brookfield or New Milford, and Washington can head north, where it belongs, and join with Warren and Litchfield.

It's an educational and economic reality of the 21st century.

And just like when Nero fiddled as Rome burned, I want to thank Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patricia Cosentino for trying to put out the fires of provincialism in what remains of the Region 12 public school district.

Joseph A. Mustich