Feels passenger rail service would be a 'travesty'

To the Editor:

Regarding The Spectrum's article and editorial regarding passenger train service to Northwest Connecticut and Massachusetts, I would like to point out the negative impact this would have on our town of Kent.

As you know, the train tracks pass straight through the middle of our small town.

The current cargo trains that rumble through twice a day are not only loud, but shake the buildings near the tracks so I understand they have, for instance, even cracked the walls of St. Andrew's Church on routes 7 and 341.

I feel to increase this occasional menace to multiple passenger trains every day would be extremely destructive to a town that, in addition to structural damage, already is trying to deal with major traffic problems in the town center.

Hoping passengers would bring business to the small Connecticut towns along the line I think is highly unlikely.

In addition, a change would still have to be made in Danbury for passengers heading to Manhattan.

Passengers currently have an easily accessed and extremely reliable Metro North system that takes them directly into the city.

No doubt you remember a crowded Kent town meeting on the subject last year in which some residents were heavily against the plan.

Converting the line to passenger service may seem like a good idea to anyone who would not be inconvenienced by living in the middle of it, but it would certainly be a travesty to Kent.

Georgianne Ensign Kent