To the Editor:

I was a lucky participant in the Oktoberfest at the New Milford Hospital on Oct. 6.

Everything was perfect, from the pink parasols lining the hallway to the blossom branches on the ceiling of the radiology ward.

The refreshments were delicious, from the dainty desserts with champagne in the parlor to the German hors d'oeuvres with beer in the courtyard and the seasoned treats in the cancer center lobby.

Not to forget the wonderful pianist in the parlor, playing soft soothing music.

The staff were all so friendly and informative at the different treatment rooms.

The crowning moment was at the healing drum room when we got rid of our frustrations.

How lucky we are to have an institution like the New Milford Hospital in our town.

God bless all who worked so hard to give us a pleasant evening.

Denise Wetmore

New Milford