To the Editor:

Lisa Powers' letter in the April 26 issue of The Spectrum illustrates the illogical and emotional response to the Sandy Hook killings that I mentioned in my previous letter.

Millions of people own guns.Most are law-abiding citizens who are not going in to schools or universities, killing children or people.

The perpetrators who do these terrible things are mentally unbalanced people, or criminals, who may either steal guns, or buy them on a black market. They are likely not going to register a gun under any circumstance.

So, how do these new laws help to stop the killing?

Why is this such a difficult concept to understand?

The law our governor signed not only infringes on the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners, it is destroying the businesses of legal gun manufacturers, dealers and jobs. They will leave the state.

This will translate into less revenue for Connecticut, but is a great excuse to raise taxes again on already over-burdened state residents, many of whom have already moved out of state, and many others who are trying to.

I have to thank Ms. Powers, however, for naming the Republicans who voted `no' against this anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment right of American citizens.

I wasn't aware, in addition to Clark Chapin and Cecilia Buck-Taylor, that Robert Kane, Dan Carter, Jan Giegler and David Scribner had also voted `no.'

I applaud them as well, because it takes genuine courage to go against the mainstream and have the integrity to stand by their convictions, so uncommon these days.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights weren't meant to be trampled on whenever politicians or people have an agenda which disagrees with it.

These are the laws of our land. They mean something.

It is also true that more people are killed in car accidents every year than any other way. We don't stop people from driving or make it difficult to get a license, because it's not sensible.

Here also, we should be enforcing the laws to prevent repeat offenders.

It's understandable people are angry over the senseless killings, but they must look for real solutions that go to the source of the problem.

We need mental health resources for parents of disturbed children, families with disturbed relatives. They haven't had any affordable options to turn to.

We'd better address those or there will be many more such incidents, because our society is exposed to more and more violence, and for vulnerable minds, like a disease, violence is catching.

I would like to ask Ms. Powers where she got her statistics. I do not believe 90 percent is accurate.

I have spoken to many people who regard their 2nd Amendment rights constitutionally impaired by these laws. We had enough laws; we only needed to enforce them.

The people who weren't held accountable are Eric Holder and the Department of Justice and President Obama, who I believe allowed thousands of guns to fall into criminal hands.

They have to date been the cause of killing hundreds of people, Mexicans and U.S. citizens, a great many more than Sandy Hook.

Naomi Kane

New Milford