To the Editor:

To repair, we must first find what's broken.

Gun control has nothing to do with controlling guns, except to disarm patriotic Americans. It's all about control, pure and simple.

The sad fact is a small minority of the population -- 10 or 15 percent, perhaps less -- want to control the other 85 to 90 percent more than the latter wants to be left alone.

The left has always sought to disarm Americans, as well as decrease their numbers (I feel the latter being accomplished historically through abortion and will now do the same with the elderly through nationalized health care).

If these people of the left really want to know why the Newtown tragedy and others like it occurred, they must look in their own mirrors, not at the NRA.

This past March, right here in Connecticut, a proposed bill was defeated by the ACLU that have would empowered the state to institutionalize the mentally ill who were feared might harm themselves or others.

The argument against this was these people had rights like all of us, and should never be put away until/unless they actually committed a crime.

The left also created "gun free zones," where almost every single mass shooting in this country has occurred.

And let's not forget hypocritical Hollywood and its ilk, who produce the splatter movies and violent video games.

Relatives said Adam Lanza played these very same games on his two computers until dawn each night.

Sponsors pay millions for 30-second ads on the Super Bowl with the knowledge their ads will influence people to buy their products; how much influence did those violent video games have on the already-sick mind of Adam Lanza -- over a period of months or years?

I blame the numbed, dumbed and coarsened culture, the inability to legally and properly address the mentally ill for the good and well-being of society as a whole and Mrs. Lanza herself for leaving any possibility for her son to access her guns -- not the guns.

She paid a dear price for her foolishness and now law-abiding Americans will be expected to pay one as well with the surrender of our God-given right to defend ourselves.

Leaders in the Democrat party, (and a few RINOs in the GOP), wail about the sanctity of life -- especially of innocents -- yet embrace death panels for seniors and infanticide.

These same demagogues claim a desire to get guns out of the hands of criminals, yet I believe they arm the North Koreans, Communist Chinese, Hamas, al Qaida (virtually the same entity) and Mexican drug cartels.

Certain types of incidents evoke overwhelming revulsion/terror in human beings. The idea of being on a jet and crashing into the ground at 500 mph creates such, compared to crashing a car at 40. Yet air travel is much safer, on average, than driving.

The same can be said about the murder of 5- and 6-year-old children: The shudder for such anti-human behavior takes our collective breathes away, just attempting to imagine what it might be like to be one of the parents.

But what of the many more who died because they weren't seat-belted into their parents' cars? Or killed, like the almost 200 children in Afghanistan, by our own drones?

The sickness that brought this on was not evil, but rather the well-intentioned authorities and organizations who made it all possible, who continue to hold fast their warped ideologies and blame others for their own decisions.

And to take political advantage of such heartache and suffering in the quest to disarm American citizens is delirious at best, traitorous in deed and intention.

Jim Griffin