Feels 'frightened' at Region 12's situation

To the Editor:

The situation in Region 12 has me both frightened and furious.

My husband and I moved to Bridgewater five years ago because, like everyone else, we fell in love with the town: a rural setting with excellent town events and close proximity to the lake and lots of hiking trails.

As a newer couple, both of whom are teachers, we were also pleased at how close and respectable the school is.

Now, we have two young children and may soon be faced with a difficult decision: stand by while our children become increasingly isolated as their peers inevitably move away and a round-trip drive to the school for activities takes over an hour, or move away ourselves and face financial ruin since we stretched ourselves to move to this dream community and certainly won't be getting back what we paid.

In fact, the rumors in our neighborhood are that nearby properties on the market stopped getting any interest as soon as the school situation hit the papers.

I'm hoping we won't need to make this decision, that the tight knit community we've fallen in love with won't vote to squeeze us and young families like us out of its circle.

The sad fact is, if we'd known this were a possibility, we never would have moved here.

Do you really think other families won't come to the same conclusion?

We still love all that Bridgewater has to offer and think it would be a great place to raise a family -- if it has a school.

I'm not sure whom this school board is kidding -- building a consolidated school would only worsen the problem.

You'll pay millions for a school you can't fill as many families in Bridgewater and Roxbury start to move away and the ones left behind find their taxes significantly higher and their property values almost certainly significantly lower. Apparently the mere threat may have already affected some sales.

Please, citizens of Region 12, do not vote for consolidation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Amanda Telford