To the Editor:

This country is going down the tubes, if it hasn't already. Our politicians are corrupt and only interested in their own well-being.

Starting with Connecticut and our governor, he destroyed Stamford and is doing the same for the entire state.

He is killing small businesses, imposing whatever tax he can levy on the individual so it has become increasingly difficult to live.

Next, our beloved president with his Obamacare.

He is taking this country to ruin. I wrote several letters trying to make people aware of how we would all be affected by this legislation and do not believe anyone paid any heed to them.

Congress has not tried to do anything to rectify this whole situation. Our economy is not picking up even if you hear reports that new jobs are being created.

I believe more than 50 percent of people are on food stamps and the Medicaid rolls are increasing, putting more of a burden on the states.

A point in fact, on a personal note -- I was having a problem with Medicare where they were denying legitimate claims because of an error on their records.

This was last year and continued into this year, making me very frustrated and angry. I thought if I contacted my congresswoman, Elizabeth Esty on the federal level, she could have this resolved.

So I did. I completed privacy release forms so she could proceed. This was February 19, 2013. After one month I received a generic letter from her office not mentioning at all anything that pertained to my problem.

When she was running for office, she said she would do whatever she could to help her constituents. This is not the case. I rectified my problem on my own.

This is what I mean by putting faith in politicians, no matter whatever party they are.

We need to try to correct our own problems to the best of our ability.

When election time rolls around, look at the voting records of the politician before casting your vote and do not vote party lines.

Fran DeSimone

Washington Depot