To the Editor:

On June 17, there will be an $8.2 million repair referendum in Region 12. Total repairs of $9.5 million are proposed for the Shepaug Valley School campus.

The Board of Education will commit $260,000 each year for the next five budget years (260,000 x 5 = 1.3 million).

By subtracting $1.3 million from $9.5 million the region is proposing an $8.2 million project.

One million dollars will be spent on the entrance and "quality of life" changes to the mall.

Do the voters really think a new entrance will impact declining enrollment?

Why are 25 percent of our town students attending private school? Surely it is not because Shepaug building needs a face lift.

Could this $1,300,000 be spent to expand and improve the high school program?

A new balanced plan is needed to improve the program and make associated repairs.

The voters should vote "no" on repairs at this time.

Ed Wainwright