To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the terrible New Milford accident that occurred on Saturday, April 27 in which a dump truck crashed into a car on Route 7 after passing a car turning into a tag sale.

The tag sale that is occasionally held in the parking lot of Bonni Manning Catering, across from the River Bistro restaurant, must not be permitted to be held again in that parking lot if similar accidents are to be avoided.

The intersection of Kent Road (Route 7 North) and Boardman Road, combined with the curve just south of the Trading Post and Scott's Nursery, is already a particularly perilous spot, and adding the distraction of a large tag sale into the mix is madness equivalent to criminal negligence.

I have visited that tag sale and found some delightful things, and the people who run it are very nice -- but it needs to be relocated.

It made me so sad to see the mangled car and then read about the driver being hospitalized with serious injuries when it could have all been avoided.

In my opinion, the town should mandate that the tag sale be held somewhere else in the future.

Thanks and regards.

Laurie Goodman

New Milford