To the Editor:

Regarding The Spectrum's recent article "Region 12 ponders its PR suitors," it prompts me to ask the question -- How is this going to improve the education of the students?

A recent edition of The News-Times had an article with the heading "Low test scores bring change to Shepaug Valley," which goes on to say how poorly students are doing as they progress through the school system.

The superintendent's solution -- improve the image of the school by hiring a PR firm.

Earlier this year, the superintendent urged the voters to spend more than $ 1 million to change the façade of Shepaug to improve the image of the school and lure more students to enroll in the school.

My question, again, How is this going to improve the scholastic performance of the students?

It is obvious that changes are needed in the district and it begins with responsible leadership, which appears to be lacking, to say the least.

The students and we, the taxpayers, deserve better than this.

Charles P. Miller