To the Editor:

The Aug. 17 Region 12 Board of Education meeting revealed much work remains for the region to bring the agri-science program to the public for a vote.

This work includes the following:

Finalize the architect’s proposal for building renovations and expansion.

Complete a business plan that outlines the long-term viability of the proposal.

Complete bonding cost estimates related to the architect’s proposal.

Prepare presentations to educate the public prior the November referendum.

Next month will be a busy time for the Region 12 Board of Education and the administration.

During the last school year, 2014-15, 50 students from the eight proposed school districts attended high school in Woodbury for its agri-science program. This fact should be the basis for the business plan.

A forecast of 15 to 20 percent annual growth after the program begins might be reasonable.

Ed Wainwright