To the Editor:

Although I am 90, I'm interested in school issues and school boards spending money wisely.

Spending $144,000 for plans to build a grad schol at the Shepaug campus makes no sense, for Bridgewater, for Roxbury, or for retired homeowners paying taxes.

Children attending kindergarten through third or fourth grade should attend a local school, with nearby school playmates ... less adjustments until later in life.

For Bridgewater and Roxbury children to have extra long rides to school leave them tired before school begins. I hope Washington board members have children and can visualize this stress.

If any school board members believe the Shepaug campus needs more buses, drive up there when the present buses leave.

Present teachers' and students' cars use up lots of space, and those parents who must pick up their children for after-school appointments.

Efforts to use the Shepaug campus will not make sense, unless Washington wants help building the grade school they want.

Barbara Hunicke