To the Editor:

As a retired veteran of the United States Navy, I am proud to endorse Cecilia Buck-Taylor for the state General Assembly from the 67th District.

I was touched and impressed when I saw Cecilia on a cold, windy December day last year when she stood there in the cold to honor our veterans during the "Wreaths Across American" ceremony at the cemetery in New Milford.

I was similarly impressed when I again saw Cecilia, as I have in years past, attend the 9/11 memorial service at Patriots' Way in New Milford this past September.

There are countless other veteran events I have attended and Cecilia has always been there, like the Memorial Day parade and Pearl Harbor Day at the VFW.

I know she has also attended and supported other fundraisers for the VFW.

She has been the conservator for veterans and has represented others in probate court. The concerns of our veterans are something she holds near and dear to her heart.

There are many issues facing veterans and I know she would be an outstanding voice to represent us.

Cecilia recently thanked our veterans at her speech to the AARP when she explained but for their sacrifices and the sacrifices of others, she would not have had the opportunity to even be able to ask for their support of her for state representative.

I hope they listened to her loud and clear and will join me in my support of her for state representative.

Michael Erickson

New Milford