Feel honored to play a role in community

To the Editor:

Nicholas/Tobin & Associates wishes to personally thank the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce and its many members for the great honor bestowed on us for the 2011 Distinguished Business of the Year award.

It is always an honor to be recognized for what we do in the community, the time, effort and funds contributed to the various community causes.

Although monetary donations are incredibly important during difficult economic times, the giving of money has always been easier than leading quietly by example.

The culture of giving has always been promoted and supported within our agency. All our staff have given so much of themselves, whether it has been aiding in the homeless shelter, local youth sports, and the complete immersion in local non-profits, we are very proud of them.

We hope they ignite an example to others to give back to those who are in need in our local communities.

We are proud to live and work in the New Milford area. It has been a wonderful and generous community.

We would personally like to thank our staff and their families for the sacrifices and time needed to champion their many causes.

It has been our philosophy to give back to our community and it is truly nice to see it helping those in need.

Our mission continues and we hope others, both individual and the many other businesses in our community will join us by giving their time and donations to support those causes that make the Greater New Milford area such a wonderful place to live.

From all of us at Nicholas/Tobin & Associates, we wish to thank you for this gracious award and letting us be a part of this great community.

Jeffrey Kilberg

Richard Herrington


New Milford