To the Editor:

Barbara Brumberg makes what appears, at first reading, an uneducated series of remarks re gun control in her letter of May 31. After a second run-through, however, I've changed my mind: She knows exactly what she's trying to do.

To equate the licensing/registration of guns to car or dog licenses is more than a leap from "fair" or "thoughtful."

The last time I read a book on the American Revolution -- I believe it was three days ago -- there was no mention of dogs or vehicles of any sort on the minds of the signers.

Gun registry, which is what the Democrats and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) seek, leads to confiscation. That, dear readers, is what Ms. Brumberg somehow forgot to mention.

In all the years of the Republic, there has never been a time when tyrants held so much power, and they're after even more before the "low-info voters," whom Ms. Brumberg hopes to assuage, figure it out.

If only liberals felt as threatened by a militarized DHS, or concerned about the dangerous mentally ill (whom the ACLU, right here in the state, blocked from being institutionalized) as they do by law-abiding Americans.

Jim Griffin