KENT — The suspect in a December homicide was trying to defend himself when he killed another man with a shotgun, authorities said last week.

“Several members of my staff, including myself, reviewed the investigation and concluded that it appeared to be a lawful exercise of self-defense,” State’s Attorney David Shepack said.

Andre Edness, 32, the father of five children, was killed Dec. 1 when he was shot in the chest at a home on Kent Cornwall Road.

State Police investigated the homicide for more than six months before closing the case without making any arrests.

Hunter Chatfield called 911 shortly after the homicide and admitted he had shot Edness on recordings obtained last Tuesday by Hearst Connecticut Media.

“I was in fear for my life,” a frantic Chatfield told police. On the tape he can be heard screaming that Edness “broke into my bedroom door with a knife. He was going to (expletive) kill me. I killed him. I shot him. He’s (expletive) dead. It was self-defense. He was going to stab me.”

Sara Edness, the victim’s wife, was home at the time of the shooting and called police.

“My husband was shot,” Edness said hysterically as young children screamed in the background. “Oh my God. My husband was shot. He’s dead. I think he’s dead.”

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“I was in fear for my life,” said Hunter Chatfield. “My roommates wife’s husband broke into my bedroom door with a knife he was going to (expletive) kill me. I killed him. I shot him. He’s (expletive) dead. It was self defense. He was going to stab me”

Sara Edness and the couple’s five children had moved to the home from Massachusetts to Kent several months before while her husband was recuperating from a serious car accident.

Andre Edness joined the family shortly before the shooting and was staying in the home, according to David Moraghan, an attorney representing Chatfield.

Moraghan said Andre Edness had asked Chatfield for a ride to the liquor store and began threatening his client when he refused. Edness then grabbed a knife and threatened to kill Chatfield, who ran to his bedroom for safety.

“He warned him multiple times not to enter the room,” Moraghan said. ”Edness kicked in the door and my client defended himself.”

Moraghan said an imprint from Edness’ foot was left on the door after he kicked it down.