The January 2012 issue of "Fanfare" magazine features an interview with classical music composer and pianist Sharon Ruchman of Washington.

The issue also features two reviews of Ms. Ruchman's first two CDs, "Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music" and "Arrival of Spring." "Fanfare" interviewer Maria Nockin commented in her review of `Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music', "Ruchman's recording is a most interesting example of new music for the twenty-first century."

In addition to her first two CDs, Ms. Ruchman released her third CD, "Remembrance," in December.

"For my third CD, I wanted to compose music specifically for violin, cello, flute and piano," Ms. Ruchman said.

"While creating all of my CDs, I have enjoyed working with several local area musicians who accompany me in my compositions. Their talents inspired me to compose music specifically for their instruments and styles," she explained.

The new CD features 19 tracks.

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