The Region 12 Board of Education has decided to renovate as much of Shepaug Valley School as possible without incurring debt.

During its July 13 meeting, the board approved spending up to $220,000 for renovations and upgrades to the entrance mall at the school.

The money would come from year-end surplus in the 2014-15 school year budget.

“We are moving forward to renovate as much of the Shepaug facility without incurring debt by utilizing savings achieved in our operating budget each year,” said board chairman James Hirschfield.

“This will take longer but will not add new debt to the region.”

In June of 2014, voters in the region’s towns of Bridgewater, Roxbury and Washington shot down funding $8.28 million in renovations and repairs to Shepaug Valley School, the region’s 45-year-old middle-high school.

The planned work would have included a $1 million replacement/upgrade to the science labs, a new atrium entrance area, replacement of bleachers, site lighting improvements, heating, ventilation and air conditioners improvements, and energy management system improvements among other renovations.

This year’s plan for the mall includes refinishing the ceiling; improving the lighting and upgrading efficiency; relocating wall displays; cleaning existing brick walls; resurfacing the floor with a resilient flooring by Tandus, a Powerbond product, as well as what is termed appropriate furniture.

“We had an opportunity to move forward this year,” said Greg Cava, the chairman of the board’s facilities committee.

“We really need to get the mall squared up. This will improve air quality and save on maintenance costs.”