Police were called to New Milford High School Wednesday morning after several parents discovered a fictitious Facebook page with photos of female students incorporating lewd, offensive comments, said Lt. James Duda, a department spokesman.

The site has since been taken off Facebook, and neither police nor those who saw the page knew the culprit behind the page's creation, Lt. Duda said.

"It's gone,'' Superintendent of Schools JeanAnn Paddyfote confirmed late Wednesday.

Dr. Paddyfote said she never actually saw the page because it was removed before she was alerted to its existence. She said she appreciated the parents who identified the page and notified both the police and school administrators.

She was circumspect about the fact Facebook and other social networking sites -- both the good and the bad -- is a reality that need to be reckon with in today's world.

"It's a part of life now,'' Dr. Paddyfote said.

When various postings encroach on "our daily work and involve students, or raise any kind of safety issue,'' she said school officials "have to respond quickly.''

She doubts the author of this page will be found, but the parents' swift action apparently alerted someone to the concern and promptly removed it. Such vigilance and alerts continue to be needed, and will be addressed, she said.

"When parents communicate with us, we take it very seriously,'' Dr. Paddyfote assured.

This is not the first Facebook offense reported to school authorities in recent months.

Two middle school students were arrested a month ago and faced with school disciplinary action as a result of threats allegedly posted on a Facebook page (see story on this page).