To the Editor:

The Blueberry Health Study started in 2002 when Dr. Jim Joseph of the U.S. Department of Agriculture came from Boston to the New Fairfield Senior Center to answer questions and help begin the study.

Since then the study has continued more or less unchanged, as participants sought to determine if daily blueberry consumption could delay or reverse age-related memory changes.

Positive results have been submitted each year to American Aging Association annual meetings and are posted online at

We have just received approval to determine if blueberries can sharpen hearing as well as memory, and are working with the University of Connecticut Audiology Center to measure hearing over the Internet.

We also have received permission to work with participants and their physicians to determine what other medical conditions also improve when blueberries are consumed.

To implement our new methods, we have recently formed working relationships with the New Milford water-testing company, HydroTechnologies Inc., and with the Danbury Ice House just south of I-84 near exit 8, also close to New Milford.

So it seems appropriate to invite New Milford residents to consider once again if they wish to join the study.

The best opportunity to learn about our methods and results is May 29 at 4:30 p.m. when we have scheduled a meeting at the Danbury Ice House that will also be available by phone and on the Web.

For driving directions and phone and web information, call the Ice House at 203-792-2378 or visit

We welcome your questions and comments.

Rolf Martin


Blueberry Health Study