To the Editor:

Thank you New Milford — and to all the residents who supported our solar project from the beginning.

For over two years we have been meeting and talking with as many people, committees, and boards as we possibly could to explain what we were trying to do on Candlewood Mountain.

Some folks didn’t like the project, particularly our neighbors. They were worried that they would see the solar panels from their kitchen windows. They won’t.

Some were concerned that we would disturb the wildlife on the mountain. We won’t.

Others were concerned that the panels would interfere with activity at the Candlelight Airport. The FAA ruled that they wouldn’t.

One person even said that the panels would cause cancer. They won’t.

Project size has been reduced from 78,000 panels to 60,000 panels and reconfigured to avoid two vernal pools, which will be part of our 100-acre gift of land to a Connecticut conservation trust.

Local contractors will be hired to work on the project. Property taxes will increase by over 700 percent.

I also remind everyone that the electricity generated from these solar panels will be distributed by Eversource to wherever it’s needed, including New Milford.

So, after two years and countless meetings and site tours, we have finally won the approval of the Connecticut Siting Council, who by the way make all of their decisions based on facts not hyperbole.

This is a good project, built by good people, in a good town, and we’re very proud of it.

Thank you again New Milford. We won’t disappoint you.

William J. LaMontagne


New Milford Clean Power, LLC