Extends thanks to mayor for honoring Peagler

To the Editor:

I would like to express my thoughts of appreciation to the Honorable New Milford Mayor Pete Bass who gave a marvelous proclamation on Lt. Robert Peagler who served in World War II.

On June 24, 1945, two days after the Japanese had surrounded Okinawa, Peagler and his platoon were pinned down on a tiny island of Keise Shima, where the Japanese commander had left behind 1,000 fighting men to destroy remaining American troops.

Peagler at this time was killed by a sniper bullet pointing to the enemy.

We will continue to work hard to see that a medal of honor is awarded to Peagler posthumously.

An Army commissioned study in 1993 determined that racial consideration had resulted in African-Americans being passed over for the Medal of Honor.

The reality is that African lives do matter, most specifically when you give your life for your country.

Fran Smith

New Milford