Extends thanks for 'amazing support' for Julia's Wings

To the Editor:

Despite the bad weather, Julia’s Wings once again soared through the streets of Kent at our fifth annual Team Julia’s Wings at the Kent Pumpkin Run.

That Sunday afternoon in the town of Kent, we were united for a cause, and brought together in memory of Julia, her fight and her story.

Team Julia’s Wings comprised approximately half of the race participants, including the volunteers the day of the race as well as the runners, walkers and supporters.

We want to thank the Kent Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to be part of such an amazing event.

I truly cannot think of a better way to honor Julia’s beautiful memory than by the hundreds of people who gathered together in our neighboring community on a rainy Sunday, smiling, laughing, crying, running, walking... remembering.

The weather was like a metaphor about life. It is easy to show up when the skies are sunny and winds are calm. But what about when the skies are dark and threatening, gloomy and rainy?

Julia showed up every day in life regardless of the weather. She fought through sunny skies and through dreadful storms. The weather didn’t let up and the people kept coming.

I will never again underestimate the support of Team Julia’s Wings.

From the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful for the continued support from all of our participants, donors and sponsors and to our amazing board and event committee.

Thank you all for showing up and standing with us through the elements.

Julia’s Wings Foundation continues to grow and we are now partnered with approximately 50 hospitals across the United States.

With your support we have funded needed research for aplastic anemia with our two Julia Malsin Research Funds totaling $120,000.

Our hope is that with continued research and funding, one child’s life may be saved and one family will not have to endure the pain and suffering that aplastic anemia brought into our lives.

In addition, we are fulfilling Julia’s wish by dispersing over $150,000 to families with children battling this disease so they will have a parent by their bedside during hospitalizations.

All funds raised from this year’s run will go directly toward our Family Assistance 2018 budget. It is such a gift to be able to disperse a grant to a family who is struggling to financially stay afloat and care for their critically ill child.

Julia is an incredible teacher and we strive every day to live by her example. We are so grateful and appreciative of all the support we receive for our foundation.

On behalf of Julia and the Julia’s Wings Foundation, heartfelt thanks for your support of our mission! For more information please visit www.juliaswings.org.

The Malsin family

and members of Julia’s Wings Foundation