To the Editor:

Nov. 7 presents a golden opportunity for all Bridgewater Republicans and residents/voters to elect to local office two great people, Nancy Hawley and Laz Pinter — two exemplary public servants.

Nancy Hawley has served for years on your Board of Finance, has been an accomplished financial administrator and official, has served on numerous public boards and nonprofit enterprises, helped to protect the Burnham School and has raised her family in Bridgewater.

Laz is an accomplished municipal attorney and has also served on many local and regional boards and commissions and has a record of faithful service to his community and family in Bridgewater activities and programs.

I am, therefore, pleased to recommend them to you and am very confident that your vote for Nancy and Laz on Nov. 7 together, as first selectwoman and selectman, will bring to Bridgewater sorely needed change and first class management and town service so that the best interests of the Town and Connecticut may be served.

I ask you to support them on Election Day.

State Senator Eric Berthel

32nd District