To the Editor:

During the last 29 years on Christmas Day eve I have enjoyed my drive home.

We would go through the small enclave of Sherman, a beautiful New England town, a storybook hamlet.

The experience would be highlighted when we would reach Happy Acres Farm.

The farm's huge, light cross provided a great inspiration to all who viewed it, a perfect New England experience.

Unfortunately, I was advised before Christmas the farm would no longer provide this wonderful holiday scene.

The town of Sherman now owns the farm and two separate residents complained about the cross.

I was devastated it was occurring again in America: the minority ruling the majority.

Therefore, on my annual pilgrimage through Sherman, I was prepared to be disheartened the cross would not be illuminated.

As we made our left onto Route 39, I was thrilled to see a lit cross on a different property. Then I saw another, and another, and another.

From one unlit cross, there grew to no fewer than 40 lit crosses throughout this wonderfully beautiful town.

The people of Sherman had spoken and renewed my faith in my faith man.

Thank you, Sherman.

Sara Lorenzo