To the Editor:

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the New Milford residents who stopped by the booth and expressed their support and excitement for my candidacy for mayor and our slate of candidates for this year’s municipal election.

In all of my years at Village Fair Days, it was great to see so many people stop by the booth, and to have so many volunteers willing to lend a hand. It’s a tremendous boost knowing how much support for my candidacy is out there and at the same time humbling. Thank you.

Your concerns and priorities are loud and clear — you want your roads fixed, you want to know how and why your money is being spent, and you want the economy in New Milford to be robust so that your children can choose to stay here and raise families.

This weekend, party didn’t matter to many of you — Republicans, Democrats, and even those who are registered but not with a party stopped by for a conversation. What mattered to you was our town.

I promise I will always be approachable, just as I was at Village Fair Days. I will be involved and have fun with you, just as I supported the New Milford High School Booster Club by participating in the dunk tank.

And when I am elected mayor, I will do my best to address your priorities.

Pete Bass

Candidate for Mayor