Expresses support for Gronbach for Senator

To the Editor:

Wake up. New Milford David Gronbach should be the new senator to represent New Milford and the 30th Senatorial District.

As a New Milford resident, I care about what happens to this community. I have seen that there is a lack of diversity in our local government and this has to change to reflect this diversity.

When there was a mayoral race, I met people on the Village Green who were diverse, but have no voice, or someone to relate to. Dave Gronbach’s family is diverse and cares about our community.

Dave Gronbach will speak up and follow through his plans because he thinks of the present and the future, where our future generation lives.

Our present leaders tend to show up at events, make a speech, and then do nothing: Black Lives Matter, guns and assault type weapons, but the present lip service is not enough. No action is taken to remedy the situation. I am still waiting.

With Dave Gronbach, I know he is a man of his word and I feel that he did an excellent job as mayor and will serve us even more as our new Senator.

George Ogno

New Milford