To the Editor:

In November 2012, we were pleased to present our inaugural Voices of Poetry/Thanks for the Giving event — held at the First Congregational Church of New Milford — to benefit Loaves & Fishes, the food pantry/soup kitchen in New Milford.

Each successive year, we have presented this annual event to benefit this worthwhile organization, which prepares and serves hot, nutritious meals to those in need in the New Milford community seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Thanks to the generosity of those attending these annual events, we have raised close to $4,000, every cent of which has gone to Loaves & Fishes (and, in turn, to feed the hungry and less fortunate of New Milford).

This year was no different.

Heartfelt thanks to the following poets for reading so beautifully — and, more importantly, for sharing their words and voices in support of this worthwhile cause — at our fifth annual Voices of Poetry/Thanks for the Giving event held Nov. 5 at St. John's Episcopal Church in New Milford: Van Hartmann, David K. Leff, Steven Ostrowski, Laurel Peterson, Dimitri Rimsky, James Scrimgeour (poet laureate of New Milford), Kristen Lee Skedgell, Davyne Verstandig and Afaa M. Weaver.

Thanks also to jazz vocalist Lynn Henderson and guitarist Mark McCloskey for sharing their considerable talents on behalf of that cause.

Special thanks to the following:

Thanks goes to the Rev. Jack Gilpin, priest at St. John's Episcopal Church, and his colleagues and congregants for again hosting our Voices of Poetry event (without asking for so much as a nickel to use that space); Lisa Martin, director of Loaves & Fishes, and her team of volunteers for all they do to help others in need in the New Milford community; all those who donate time, food and/or money (they need all three) to Loaves & Fishes to enable them to continue their good work; and all those who joined us for this event, which, sadly, did not include a single member of New Milford’s Town Council (all of whom were invited to attend this event) for helping their neighbors in need in our community.

Best wishes to one and all for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

Neil Silberblatt


Voices of Poetry