To the Editor:

Nearly all farms in town are located in residential zones. If this proposal to allow commercial slaughterhouses to be constructed on farms in New Milford is approved, all farms (at least 10 acres in size) will have the right to construct a commercial slaughterhouse provided that it is at least 200 feet from the nearest residential structure.

While concerns over noise, traffic, pollution etc. are serious, the bigger issues are property values and erosion of the town’s tax base.

The proposed change will negatively impact the value of all homes abutting farm land.

It won’t even matter whether the farmer whose land your property abuts constructs a slaughterhouse on his property — your property will still be worth less — because he, or a subsequent owner, will have the right to construct a slaughterhouse.

Some may argue that a small slaughterhouse operation would not impact property values, but I ask: Would you pay full price for a home knowing that your neighbor could, at any time, construct a slaughterhouse just 200 feet from your home? Would you even consider buying that property?

The next, and perhaps final, meeting of the Zoning Commission at which the public can comment on this proposal is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m. in the Loretta Brinkley Conference Room, lower level of town hall.

If you feel that approval of this zoning change would be a mistake, please attend and voice your opposition.

Robert Jackson

New Milford