To the Editor:

It's unfortunate that many don't understand the very simple facts of my complaint to the State Election Enforcement Commission about how New Milford Democrats nominated Gale Alexander for state representative fom the 67th District.

Although the position is called "state representative" for election purposes, I believe it is a municipal office.

All of the state election statutes refer to it as a "municipal office" and, when the secretary of the state sends out the state election calendar, it calls it a "municipal office."

The document is on file in the New Milford town clerk's office for all to see.

Next, many don't understand the state statute allows a party to choose by "rules of such party" one of three methods for the selection of its candidates for state rep -- caucus, convention or committee.

In Section 5.2 of its by-laws, the New Milford Democratic Town Committee chose the first method, caucus.

Despite the fact this method (caucus) has been used for about 50 years, I believe the new DTC, guided by Andrew Grossman, violated its own rules and chose to select Alexander by committee.

I think this was done to prevent candidates other than Alexander the opportunity to be considered for state representative.

You see, all registered Democrats can attend and vote at a caucus, but only DTC members vote in a committee meeting.

At a caucus, nominations can be made by anyone for any office, not so at a committee meeting.

Mr. Grossman was quoted as saying he's going to take the committee in a new direction. I guess he meant "rules don't apply" and it's "Andy's way or no way."

I've lived here all my life and I know a lot of good Democrats. The DTC is supposed to represent all the Democrats in New Milford. That's why it's called the Democratic Town Committee.

The DTC is going to suffer greatly if the Grossmanites continue playing these games.

Some have asked why I decided to look into the legitimacy of Mr. Alexander's candidacy.

First and foremost, he has maintained an abysmal attendance record as a member of the New Milford Board of Finance.

Town hall records show he has shown up for less than 40 percent of his town meetings. Mr. Alexander, a magician by profession, is going to have to conjure up some powerful tricks to show up in Hartford when he can't show up at meetings nearby his home.

I also decided to look into it because of what I feel was disrespectful behavior in seeking signatures to obtain political funds during Memorial Day ceremonies to honor our veterans.

Tom Morey

New Milford