To the Editor:

With the new year upon us, and the housing market picking up, I think it's a good time to explain the difference between the town's Washington Housing Commission and the private entity known as the Washington Community Housing Trust.

According to the town's website, "The Washington Housing Commission is hereby established to promote and encourage the development and continued availability of affordable housing for the people of Washington by bringing together public and private resources, developing recommendations for comprehensive housing policies and goals, and facilitating the accomplishment of those goals."

Washington housing commissioners, like myself, are appointed by the town's board of selectmen.

And according to the Washington Community Housing Trust's website, "Begun in 1987 by Washington's priests and ministers and ably guided by volunteer trustees, the WCHT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to establish and maintain affordable housing in the town of Washington for persons of modest means while maintaining the historic and aesthetic qualities of the community."

For more information on the Washington Housing Trust, please log on to

For the Washington Community Housing Trust, please log on to

The new year brings many new and exciting developments from each organization, so please feel free to contact them.

And happy house hunting.

Joseph A. Mustich



Housing Commission