To the Editor:


I heard Cecilia Buck-Taylor speak a couple of weeks ago at the New Milford Rotary meeting about opportunities and her life.

All I can say is wow.

Here is a lady who was raised in a poverty area (a.k.a. slum) of Brooklyn, N.Y. Her dad worked three jobs to feed a family of six kids and her mom -- all living in four rooms.

Cecilia made her way out of that area to the Bronx High School of Science, from there to SUNY Albany as a double major and from there to Fordham School of Law.

Cecilia worked her way through SUNY Albany and Fordham law, working all day, helping to raise her children and attending law school at night.

She is an inspiration to us of what could be done with opportunities and hard work.

Cecilia moved to New Milford and, through hard work, has built three successful businesses in town. Opportunity and hard work -- what a combination.

We need her in Hartford as our state representative to ensure opportunities continue to be made available to our children and our grandchildren. She has already proven she works incredibly hard and gets results with that hard work.

I know Cecilia will continue to do that for us as she represents New Milford's interests in Hartford.

Jim Kick

New Milford