To the Editor:

The state of Connecticut is in a fiscal mess.

Our unemployment is more than 9 percent. Many of our seniors and younger people can't afford to live here due to the high taxes and overall cost of living.

These urgent problems need to be addressed in the upcoming legislative session that begins this January. We need to elect those candidates who have both experience in government and in business to carry our concerns and hopes to Hartford.

That is why I, as a former mayor of the town of New Milford and a long-time resident, am supporting Cecilia Buck-Taylor for state representative of the 67th District.

Cecilia is the only candidate for the 67th house seat with extensive municipal experience -- served on the Board of Education for four years; currently in her second term on the Town Council; former chairwoman of the Economic Development Commission; currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce, and many more community service activities during her 20-plus years of serving New Milford.

Cecilia Buck-Taylor is the only candidate for the 67th house seat with significant business experience. Cecilia owns three businesses in the town, all registered in the state. She has employees; she makes payroll; she pays state taxes on these businesses.

Cecilia has worked on four school budgets and two (soon to be three) town budgets. Cecilia has negotiated contracts with the teachers' union on behalf of the Board of Education.

She understands our beautiful town and will bring her government experience to Hartford to work for us.

This is not a time for political rookies. Our problems require seasoned brains to solve -- people with both government experience to get things done and the business acumen to know what needs to be done.

We need Cecilia Buck-Taylor in Hartford. Our children and our grandchildren are depending on us.

Send Cecilia Buck-Taylor to Hartford for all of us.

Walter Rogg

Former mayor

New Milford