Former Webster Bank teller Serena Viccaro pleaded not guilty June 7 in Litchfield Superior Court to charges stemming from her alleged conspiratorial role in a January armed bank robbery in New Milford.

Ms. Viccaro, 21, of Heacock-Crossbrook Road, is represented by New Milford attorney Murray Kessler and is free on $25,000 bond.

She is facing charges of conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny, criminal liability for acts of another/first-degree robbery and criminal liability for acts of another/first-degree larceny.

Ms. Viccaro was implicated in the Jan. 18 robbery by Preston Hanlon, 27, and Michael Joel Thaisz, 24, two roommates charged with various robbery and conspiracy charges in connection to the robbery.

Mr. Hanlon, who remains in jail, is accused of using a fake gun to rob the bank of $2,200.

Mr. Thaisz, free on bond, is charged as an accomplice. Both men have entered not guilty pleas.

Mr. Hanlon is expected back in court on July 15.

Mr. Thaisz told police he did not believe Ms. Viccaro was involved in the robbery plans, but he understood she had talked to Mr. Hanlon about how easy it would be to rob the bank, according to court documents.

"I think Preston soaked up the information like a sponge. I do not think Serena was involved," Mr. Thaisz told police, adding Ms. Viccaro and Mr. Hanlon had an ongoing sexual relationship.

According to court papers, Mr. Hanlon told investigators Ms. Viccaro was involved in the robbery.

He said when he entered the Webster Bank on Main Street in New Milford on Jan. 18, "Serena grinned at me and handed me the money. I ripped it out of her hand ... she had wanted me to make it look like I didn't know her," according to court documents.

On Ms. Viccaro's part, she told investigators Mr. Hanlon had said it would be "easy" to rob a bank, but "she thought that it was all talk," court documents state.

Court documents further state Ms. Viccaro "began crying" when told by police Mr. Hanlon was in custody.

When asked why she was crying, she said "she and (Mr.) Hanlon were involved in a relationship and that she could not understand why he would point a gun at her," the arrest warrant affidavit states.