A special event to celebrate the relocation of E. Paul Martin’s collection and case of tin wares will take place Aug. 7 at 1 p.m. at the New Milford Senior Center.

The display case holds nine pieces of whimsical metal figures all made from various tin cans and tin can pieces.

Martin’s talent and passion with tinsmithing stemmed from his trade in plumbing and welding.

He created pieces of folk art that included: a model of New Milford’s bandstand, a locomotive and tender, egret with fish, Cinderella’s carriage, cannon, owl, bell and the tin man, which was his first work.

His hobby as a tinsmith began in the mid-1960s. The collection was donated to the New Milford Historical Society in 1995.

Due to the lack of proper exhibition space, the New Milford Historical Society and the Martin family turned to Mayor Pete Bass in search of a more public venue.

Carolyn Haglund, director of the senior center, agreed to take and display the collection on long-term loan from the historical society.

The case was made by Louis White, past selectman and a friend ofMartin.

Martin, a lifelong resident of New Milford, served three terms as first selectman from 1955-61 and was involved in numerous civic organizations.

It was a collaborative effort with the family, the town, the senior center and the historical society to bring the collection to the public again.

The Senior Singers and Bass will participate in the celebration.

Light refreshments will be served.

For information and to register, call 860-355-6075.