'Entire town will benefit' from river trail: 'that's what counts'

To the Editor:

I recently wrote a letter praising the efforts of the New Milford River Trail organization and Mayor David Gronbach for moving ahead with the Young’s Field Road river trail project.

However, let’s clear up the misinformation by Mark Telesca, who made personal accusations against me in his letter to the paper and wrote that the previous mayor and her assistant were the ones who laid the “major groundwork” for the Young’s Field Road river trail.

That is somewhat of an exaggeration of the real story.

While the previous administration applied for and received a grant in 2007, it was not nearly enough to pave the way (reference News Times article of Nov. 28, 2016). Nothing more happened in those years between then and now.

The grant was due to expire at the end of 2016 had it not been used.

The idea for the river trail did not come from the previous mayor, either.

The New Milford River Trail organization has been the guiding force behind this the entire time.

They have worked tirelessly to accomplish all that’s been done to date. And Mayor Gronbach has been a big supporter and is helping to push this forward. That is the truth.

This should not become a partisan issue, Mr. Telesca, nor should it become a personal attack on me for voicing my pleasure at seeing the trail develop.

The previous mayor had 12 years to get this done if she wanted to, but it didn’t happen under her administration.

The trail will be operational in the spring, and that is a good thing for all New Milford.

The entire town will benefit from what is happening now, and that’s what counts.

Adrienne Aurichio

New Milford