To the Editor:

I beg to take exception to all those who could take no interest in the World Series this year.

I agree the winter months are for hot-stove league discussions and counting the days until the pitchers and catchers report.

However, even though my team, the Yankees, took a much-deserved early departure from the post-season, I found the World Series to be very exciting.

It was just two games too short.

My reasons are as follows.

There were two teams and many players about whom I had not much knowledge -- that's a good thing once in a while.

Most importantly, both teams played hard (certainly not error-free) and quickly.

The pitchers worked rapidly, attacked the hitters, and threw lots of strikes. With the exception of one inning by the Ranger pitchers, I thought the pitching was outstanding.

The hitters were swinging when they left the on deck circle, and that was not only Vlad.

I believe the final game was around two and a half hours and most were under three -- certainly more enjoyable than four-hour marathons.

Just imagine how great it would be if we could eliminate half the commercials between half innings and at pitching changes.

We could probably play nine innings in less time than it takes to run a marathon (if you're from Kenya at least).

What would that do for interest in baseball?

Yours in baseball,

Dave Werkhoven