The Kent Energy and Environmental Task Force has issued an invitation for Kent residents and businesses to participate in a carbon (energy) reduction contest.

The Kent Carbon Challenge is a year-long energy conservation contest set to begin July 1.

Three prizes will go to the participating homes or businesses that reduce energy use by the greatest percentage as compared to the previous year. A point system will be used to determine the winners.

"It is very exciting to offer this challenge to our town" said Karren Garrity, the task force chairman. "This is an opportunity to educate our community on how they can live better with less."

"We will create a 'diet plan' that includes information on conservation, alternative energy sources, recycling and composting," she said.

People who commit to the challenge will be encouraged to take advantage of KEETF grant money for a home energy audit offered by Northeast Utilities and participate in the Clean Energy Option available through CL&P.

The goal is to have 200 homes and businesses participate in the challenge.

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