To the Editor:

A good way to help our Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza deal with their decades-long brutalization by the Israeli Jewish defense forces is to contact the San Francisco-based organization, Jewish Voice for Peace.

The JVP offers common-sense, 21st-century solutions to a needless conflict.

One example is a one-state solution in which all parties live together, since Israeli Jewish colonization of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza now prevents a viable two-state solution, as discussed by Mideast expert Rita Hauser recently at Kent Memorial Library, and by Mazin Qumsiyeh at the Gunn Memorial Library in Washington a number of years ago.

In his book, "Sharing the Land of Canaan," Dr. Qumsiyeh leads us through the realities of a one-state solution modeled after America or Switzerland, or more recently South Africa.

Dr. Qumsiyeh is a Palestinian Christian American who taught at Yale, and now lives in the occupied West Bank.

For more information about Jewish Voice for Peace, please log on to Shalom.

Joseph A. Mustich