To the Editor:

I’d like to remind New Milford residents that voting on a referendum for the expansion and renovation of our public library is taking place Nov. 6.

It is important to vote “yes” for this important work to go forward.

The title of a forthcoming book, “Palace For The People,” written by a sociology professor at NYU, refers to a library for the people, which he suggests provides the enhancement of social infrastructure via the reduction of inequality, polarization and the decline of civic life.

Not a bad thing to aim for. But for a more physically obvious reason, we need to expand and renovate to accommodate the growing population of our town.

Please vote “yes” at the referendum Nov. 6 so that we continue to expand the lives and minds of all, and especially of the younger, oncoming generations, and in so doing create a library that will be a jewel in the crown on the New Milford Village Green.

Lorraine Ryan

New Milford