To the Editor:

We experience so much change in our world, and particularly, in our own government.

So many issues that need to be addressed to continue important programs for we Americans are going “undecided. . . no action.”

It is important more than ever that we use our power of the vote.

It does not matter which party - what is important is that we exercise this important right.

And once we have voted, to exercise our right to have accountability from our elected legislators.

Yes, for those of us still working, and those who have retired, you can keep it simple.

Vote. Then, once you know who is representing you, get onto their online mailing list. There, you will have an idea of what legislators are doing for you and you can easily ask them questions.

After all, as employees, didn’t we have to be accountable?

There are so many decisions that need to be made by our legislators that affect us and our families.

On the state level, affordable utilities, a retirement security program, care-giving that includes some form of paid family medical leave, and home and community-based care. We need legislators working for us.

On the federal level, decisions concerning Medicare, Social Security, pharmaceuticals, caregiving. We need to know Congress is acting on these important issues for us and for our families.

So, I urge you all to be the difference and vote.

Kathy L. Null