To the Editor:

I readily admit I was born "B.C." -- that is, before computers.

They are a handy tool, but they don't occupy a prominent position in my life as they do with some people.

Fortunately, I have a coworker who is a skilled computer person and often undoes what I did wrong. Thanks, Jennifer.

There is another connotation to "B.C." In this sense, it has divided the recording of time and signifies life-changing events for many.

As Christians, we celebrate the birth, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. His ministry has been referred to as "a journey of a thousand days," and that is about what it covered and yet has an everlasting impact.

As we prepare to celebrate this season, may we be mindful of what it truly means and share with one another as He instructed.

In a world in turmoil, may we each offer peace to one another. It will provide a warm feeling to the giver and a moment of respite to a weary soul.

Merry Christmas.

Dan Morton

The Oratory of

the Little Way