The town's recycling center now accepts covered electronic devices (CEDs) in accordance with a new state law, according to the New Milford Public Works Department.

Residents of New Milford, Sherman and Brookfield may now drop off CEDs -- defined by the state statute as televisions, computers, monitors and printers only -- for free at the Young's Field Road facility.

The state statute mandates the CEDs listed above are the only ones to be accepted for recycling, but other electronics will also be accepted at this time.

Gina Chiarella, vice president of WeRecycle! LLC -- the company authorized for the town to handle the disposal of e-waste -- announced in June that WeRecycle! will accept all residential electronics at no cost even before the start of the state e-waste program.

The collection of all electronics is made possible through a donation from a computer manufacturer, who would like to remain anonymous, Ms. Chiarella explained.

As a result, all electronic devices, including items such as VCRs, CD players, laptops and other items, may be brought to the recycling center for free at this time.

A sticker is not needed for residents to drop off CEDs.

However, a sticker would be required for residents to drop off all other items.

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