The Sherman Library will open a dual art exhibit by two Sherman residents Libby Edelman and Paula Marian May 21.

The show will run through July 21.

The two artists were paired together in theme as Edelman’s photographs and Marian’s pottery take one on an artistic journey to Cuba.

Edelman, co-founder of Sam Edelman, fell in love with traveling at a young age. During different excursions to exotic destinations around the world, she discovered she’d developed a passion and talent for photography.

“I love wandering down different back streets, peering into windows, peeking around corner…To capture the elements of everyday life that make a beautiful photograph, you have to always be looking for the story behind people and places,” she said.

This series of photographs titled “Walk of Life” was shot in Havana, Cuba, in 1996 with a Nikon F2 in black-and-white film.

Marian, who earned a master’s degree in ceramics from Eastern Michigan University, has been a potter for 45 years.

Recently retired as head art teacher at New Milford High School, she taught ceramics, graphic design and advertising art and design.

She was awarded a year sabbatical in 2005, which was spent as a research intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and as a student at Parsons School of Design studying decorative arts.

Her interest in global ceramics led to several study and travel grants.

She has studied pit firing in Mexico, slip trailing in Romania, porcelain making in China and political art in Cuba.

She organized a tour of the Havana Art Biennial last year.

Marian has worked with most clay bodies and firing temperatures. Her work is both functional and decorative.

The glaze application of the pieces seen in this show reflects the many weathered coats of peeling, overlapping paint seen on Havana buildings.

For more information, call the Sherman Center library at 860-354-2455.