The Young Professionals Council, one of the councils from the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce, will hold its first goal-setting workshop Jan. 15 from 6 to 8 p.m. in Danbury.

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The workshop, led by author, speaker and local business owner Corey Durkin of New Milford, will focus on helping young professionals work together to plan out the new year with measurable, important and powerful goals in all areas of their lives.

“Many people get excited about their goals for the new year but struggle with consistency in achieving them as the months go on,” Durkin said.

“Holding onto that momentum can be challenging when life gets in the way which is why this workshop is so empowering,” he said. “Not only will it help participants set measurable, achievable goals but we will also be bringing them together with other like-minded young professionals who are also focused on achieving their dreams.”

The workshop’s agenda includes: how to create well-balanced goals for 2020; where to focus one’s time and energy to get maximum leverage in one’s professional and personal life; why some goals fail to be achieved and how to readjust without feeling bad about it; and how to surround oneself with a group of positive, like-minded individuals who will provide support.

Durkin is the author of four books, including “You Can’t Get Rich If You Feel Poor,”and his forthcoming book on sales, “Activity, Hustle and the Power of Action.”

The YPC is committed to fostering relationships, networking and skill-building amongst the community of young professionals and entrepreneurs in the greater Danbury area.

Its goal is to create a community of dedicated, motivated and inspiring members who support and cheer on one another in their business endeavors.”

“We are so excited to host this workshop for our thriving community of Young Professionals,” said Amelia Anderson, director of communications and membership at the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce.

“Our goal is to continue to foster this group of people who are excited and supportive of one another’s goals and are actively involved in the successes of their peers by lending support and encouragement,” she said.

The workshop will be held at the new offices of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce at 1 Ives St, third floor.